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Flexible NdFeB Magnet

The flexible NdFeB magnet is a kind of flexible permanent magnet that offers the most powerful magnetic properties at present, and it is mainly utilized for sensors, motors, flat panel loudspeakers, strong adsorption devices and more.

1. In research labs, the maximum energy product of an isotropic flexible NdFeB magnet is 80KJ/m3 (10.0MGOe), while the value for an anisotropic flexible NdFeB magnet could reach up to as high as 100KJ/m3 (12.5MGOe). As for batch production, the isotropic ones exhibit a maximum energy product of 16-68KJ/m3 (2.0-8.5MGOe), and multipole magnetization is also acceptable.

2. Our flexible NdFeB magnet has good flexibility, and it realizes automatic installation with higher efficiency than that of a mould pressing magnetic ring.

3. The production process doesn’t require complex moulds, thus shortening the production cycle.

4. This flexible magnet has an operation temperature range of -40~+120°C, and it is available in different shapes, such as strip, coil, ring, sheet, etc. It has passed the reliability testing, so it will deliver satisfying performance as expected.

5. For batch production, there are some limiting conditions in size. More specifically, the thickness should be within 0.4-6.0mm, while the width and length shall not exceed 300mm and 30,000mm, respectively.

6. Our flexible NdFeB magnets could be tailored in hardness and magnetic property if requested by customers.

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