1. Sintered NdFeB Magnet

      This rare earth magnet is provided in a broad range of grades (including N54) with maximum operating temperature of 230°C. The maximum diameter of a round NdFeB magnet is 220mm, while the maximum length of a rectangular ...

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    1. Flexible NdFeB MagnetThis flexible magnet has an operation temperature range of -40~+120°C, and it is available in different shapes, such as strip, coil, ring, sheet, etc. It has passed the reliability testing, so it will deliver satisfying performance as expected.

NdFeB Magnet

Taixiong Magnetic Industrial is a professional and trustworthy NdFeB magnet manufacturer that is mainly dedicated to the research and production of such permanent magnetic material, and this product is also known as Neo magnet, neodymium magnet and NIB magnet.

Production Capacity
We could provide over 200 tons of sintered NdFeB magnet and flexibleNdFeB magnet every year. These super strong magnets have a highest grade of N54, and their maximum operation temperature could reach up to 230°C, thus perfectly meeting different customer requirements.

Other Products
Aside from NdFeB magnets, other magnetic products, including magnetic name badge, magnetic separator, magnetic chuck, rubber magnet and more, are also provided here. If you are interested, please contact us today, and we won’t let you down!