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Magnetic Rod & Magnetic Grid

The magnetic rod and magnetic grid are two hot selling products on the market now. They are the earliest super strong magnets with surface magnetic flux density of 11000Gs or higher, and they are primarily designed for the extraction of small ferrous impurities from materials being processed. In addition, these iron removal products could be tailored according to actual working condition.

Magnetic Rod
It is also known as a magnetic bar, and it has a typical diameter of 1 inch.

Magnetic Grid
1. It is formed by assembling several magnetic bars together and it looks like a grate, so it derives another name from this shape, namely magnetic grate.

2. For the magnetic separator grid, it mainly contains two types, one is single magnetic tube which means it works independently to remove ferrous metals, and the other one refers to magnetic tube with stainless steel tubing. The internal magnetic tube has a diameter of 25mm, and the external stainless steel tube measures 28mm in diameter. This structure lowers magnetic field by 20% when compared to the single magnetic tube type, but it offers greater convenience in cleaning process, which means it is much easier to remove adsorbed metal. Thus, this type is sometimes referred to as easy-clean magnetic grid.

3. During production process, the two ends of magnetic rod are fully welded and polished, while the internal surface of every stainless steel tube is polished to ensure its smoothness, thus offering the maximum magnetic field possible.

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