Magnetic Plate

The magnetic plate is one of our early-designed iron removal products, and it belongs to the semi-automatic type that suits for large pieces of iron. This product could be manufactured in various sizes and shapes depending on customer requirements, and its maximum size measures 2000×2000mm.

1. Our plate magnet is completely encased in 304 stainless steel through full welding, and the magnets inside are arranged in a certain manner to ensure that this product will extract ferrous metal objects from a distance of 100mm, making it exceptionally effective for tramp iron mixed in stacked materials.

2. This iron removal plate is a permanent magnetic material, and it could offer stable magnetic property for 10 years. To achieve this, every single magnet is meticulously detected in our factory to ensure that assembled magnet plate will exhibit uniform magnetic field.

3. After iron debris has been adsorbed, it needs to be removed manually. Otherwise, following processing procedures will be affected.

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