Magnetic Pulley

As a dry iron separator, our magnetic pulley is often positioned at the head of belt conveyor instead of traditional driving or driven pulley so as to automatically extract metal contamination from materials on the belt.

Applications of the Magnetic Pulley
This conveyor head roller is suitable for iron separation jobs required in many industries, such as cement, mining, steel, refractory material, chemical engineering, magnetic separation, garbage disposal, etc.

1. Non-magnetic Materials
2. Installation Diagram
3. Ferromagnetic Particles

Feature of the Magnetic Pulley
1. Our magnetic head roller creates a combined magnetic system by utilizing high performance strong magnetic materials, thus imparting some outstanding properties, like high magnetic field, simple structure, convenient use, no maintenance, no power consumption, no demagnetization, etc.

2. For this magnetic pulley, its body is formed by seamless steel tube (304 stainless steel) rather than roll welding, thereby offering better enclosure and more uniform magnetic permeability. On the other hand, the center shaft is manufactured from 304 stainless steel as well, so this magnetic head pulley is not likely to get rusted or deformed.

3. The magnetic pulley can be custom made to suit individual needs, and its maximum diameter and length could reach up to 1250mm and 1800mm, respectively. In addition, the maximum magnetic field is over 15,000Gs, but this is only available for ones with diameter of 220mm or smaller.

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