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High Intensity Magnetic Separator

The RCYG series high intensity magnetic separator is a high-tech precise magnetic separation device that has been meticulously developed by our technical staff, and it is highly recommended to customers.

Structural Features
This mining equipment employs NdFeB magnets which can retain a low demagnetizing rate of 6% at most for 10 years. It can be equipped with single roll or double roll according to material fineness.

Working Principle
When materials to be processed are fed into this automatic iron separator, they are redistributed into thin streams by a spreader plate which is set at the front. Then, these materials are transported into the correction zone, wherein iron objects are turned to the direction vertical to magnetic plate, thus reducing flow resistance. These iron objects move along with materials until they are attracted in the high magnetic intensity area, and then they rotate to the back side together with the shell. As a result of the gravity and centrifugal force, iron scraps are released and separated.

Our high intensity magnetic separator is widely used in grain, pharmaceutical, tobacco, plastics, wood working, cement and mining industries for eliminating iron objects from materials, so as to improve product purity and protect downstream machines.

Technical Data of High Intensity Magnetic Separator
Model Productivity (T/h) Magnetic field intensity (Gs) Motor power (kW) Voltage (V) Installation angle (°) Revolving speed (rpm) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)
RCYG-50 ≤50 ≥4000 1.1kw 380 50-60 17-82 800 1200 1200 1000
RCYG-100 ≤100 ≥4200 1.5kw 380 50-60 17-82 1100 1560 1350 1200
RCYG-200 ≤200 ≥4500 2.2kw 380 50-60 17-82 1300 1850 1490 1300
RCYG-300 ≤300 ≥4500 3kw 380 50-60 17-82 1450 1950 1590 1400
RCYG-400 ≤400 ≥4500 4kw 380 50-60 17-82 1600 2100 1670 1500
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