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High Intensity Overband Magnet

The high intensity overband magnet is a specially designed de-ironing separator that provides thorough iron removal result. Due to its super high magnetic field intensity, our powerful magnetic separator is exceptionally effective in extracting trace amount of iron scraps, and its surface magnetic field intensity exceeds 17,000Gs even when the belt is equipped.

Structural Features
The magnetic separation equipment applies high performance permanent magnets and Kevlar belt, and it can efficiently remove the substance with weak magnetism such as SiO2, SO2, stainless steel, etc. Applicable material fineness is 0.03-3mm. The demagnetization rate will not exceed 6% in 10 years.

The high intensity overband magnet can be provided with different shunt devices on material feeder or belt according to particle size, so that the materials can pass through the place on the magnetic roller where the magnetism is the strongest, thus improving material purity. It can be designed with signal or double magnetic roller.

1. All the materials and fittings for this industrial magnetic separation system are manufactured from 304 stainless steel, thereby maintaining long-lasting magnetic property.

2. The magnetic separation device is particularly suitable to removal tramp iron from food, and this process doesn’t require any labor force.

3. According to actual material size and required production capacity, we will add some accessories to the high intensity overband magnet to make sure that material blocking is avoided while easy iron removal is achievable.

4. Based on installation conditions, the machine height could be changed flexibly, and the overall machine dimensions are also adjustable to meet diverse production requirements.

This magnetic separator is widely used for non magnetic materials purification or high gradient magnetic separation for low magnetic materials. To be specific, it is applied to industrial minerals, ceramics, abrasives, plastics, silica powder, medicines, glasses, sand, building materials, and special materials.

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