1. Magnetic Rod & Magnetic Grid

      They are the earliest super strong magnets with surface magnetic flux density of 11000Gs or higher, and they are primarily designed for the extraction of small ferrous impurities from materials being processed.

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    1. Magnetic Plate

      Our plate magnet is completely encased in 304 stainless steel through full welding, and the magnets inside are arranged in a certain manner to ensure that this product ...

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    1. Magnetic Pulley

      Our magnetic head roller creates a combined magnetic system by utilizing high performance strong magnetic materials, thus imparting some outstanding properties ...

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    1. High Intensity Magnetic Separator

      Our high intensity magnetic separator is widely used in grain, pharmaceutical, tobacco, plastics, wood working, cement and mining industries for eliminating iron objects from materials ...

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    1. Permanent Overband Magnet

      Our cross belt separator, as a piece of powerful iron separation equipment, is characterized by low noise, reliable running and easy maintenance. Its belt could correct itself automatically...

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    1. High Intensity Overband Magnet

      Due to its super high magnetic field intensity, our powerful magnetic separator is exceptionally effective in extracting trace amount of iron scraps, and its surface magnetic field intensity exceeds 17,000Gs even when the belt is equipped.

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Iron Separator & Magnetic Separator

Taixiong is an iron separator and magnetic separator specialist in China, and a lot of magnetic separation equipment is provided here, such as magnetic rod, magnetic grid, magnetic plate, magnetic pulley, permanent magnetic pipeline magnet, high intensity magnetic separator,permanent overband magnet and high intensity overband magnet. All the raw materials and production procedures for these permanent magnetic materials and devices are eco-friendly and compliant to RoHS standard as detected by SGS.

Our iron separator and magnetic separator are of reliable quality, and they are very popular in Japan as well as other countries and regions in Europe and South America. If you are interested or have any question, please contact us today!