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Auto Permanent Magnetic Chuck

The TAX series auto permanent magnetic chuck has an artistic look, but more importantly, it takes advantage of NdFeB magnet to generate big magnetic force, thus featuring small size, big lifting capacity and long service life. This automatic lifting device is able to lift plate-shaped ferromagnetic materials or workpieces, and the steel plates may be as thin as 4mm, as long as 30m, or as heavy as 50t.

On the other hand, our automatic steel lifting magnet doesn’t rely on electricity, which means power interruption is no longer a problem. Along with its safety factor of 3.5, safe working is achieved. In addition, the optimized magnetic circuit cuts remanence down to almost zero.

The permanent magnetic lifting chuck is utilized to hoist and transfer steel plates or mechanical parts that have a flat surface, and it has been widely accepted in machining centers, ship building factories, machine manufacturing factories and other fields that involve steel.

Technical Data of Auto Permanent Magnetic Chuck
Model Lifting capacity (kg) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Safety factor Self weight (kg)
TAX-1 1000 550 494 110 3.5 230
TAX-2 2000 700 563 110 3.5 300
TAX-3 3000 836 600 110 3.5 320
TAX-5 5000 1056 708 130 3.5 720
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