1. Manual Permanent Magnetic Chuck

      Since a permanent magnet is used, no electricity is required. As a result, all risks associated with power failure and wiring breakage are eliminated.

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    1. Auto Permanent Magnetic ChuckThis automatic lifting device is able to lift plate-shaped ferromagnetic materials or workpieces, and the steel plates may be as thin as 4mm, as long as 30m, or as heavy as 50t.
    1. Lifting MagnetThe 350 type is applicable for medium-thick steel plants, ship building factories and machine manufacturing factories to hoist one or several steel plates. However, the 400 type is able to lift many steel plates at one time ...

Magnetic Chuck

Taixiong is a reputable Chinese magnetic chuck manufacturer and wholesaler. We provide manual permanent magnetic chuck, auto permanent magnetic chuck and lifting magnet. All these lifting appliances make use of high-performance permanent magnetic materials to achieve high lifting capacity as well as safe and convenient use. Accordingly, our magnetic chuck is widely utilized to lift flat mechanical parts, round steels, steel plates and other steel products in mechanical processing center, ship building plant, machine manufacturing factory and many other steel-related fields.

If you are looking for such hoisting equipment, please feel free to contact with us, and we are willing to offer desired products as expected.