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The rubber magnet is fabricated from ferrite powders and plastic/synthetic rubber, and it is available in various models. Our product exhibits permanent magnetic property and excellent flexibility. As a result, shearing, stamping, longitudinal cutting and other treatments could be applied without deteriorating its magnetic performance.

According to magnetic property, the flexible rubber magnet is divided into isotropic rubber magnet and anisotropic rubber magnet.

Production Philosophy
Our company tries to manufacture rubber magnets on the philosophy of “safe, eco-friendly, energy-saving and recyclable production”. For example, all the raw materials and binders don’t contain any formaldehyde, strictly following the E0 formaldehyde emission standard, while the harmful matter content is in accordance with EN71-3 standard.

Physical Property
1. Working temperature: -26℃ ~+80℃ (-15℉~+176℉)
2. Flexibility: At 20℃ (68℉), our flexible magnetic rubber can be rolled to a 12.7mm (1/2 inch) diameter rod without cracking.
3. Hardness: D35-D50 by a Shore durometer
4. Safety: For standard configuration, there is a layer of UV coating on the surface to eliminate conglutination and staining. Moreover, high quality PP coating is also available, and it offers better weather resistance.
5. Environmental protection: The raw materials are eco-friendly, as per EN71, RoHS, ASTM and other standards.
6. Shape: The rubber magnet could be pre-cut into diversified shapes upon request.
7. Packaging: Individualized packaging is acceptable.
8. Thickness: Customizable
9. Width: Up to 1.5m

Common Knowledge about Natural Rubber Magnet
As a kind of rubber magnet, the natural rubber magnet is also known as natural magnetic rubber or plain magnetic rubber, and it consists of rubber and magnetic material only, so both surfaces have the same color, i.e. black brown. However, one of its two surfaces is magnetic while the other is non-magnetic or of weak magnetism.

For the non-magnetic surface, PVC, PP, paper and other materials can be attached easily with the help of adhesives (double sided tape), and there are standard indoor adhesives and more robust outdoor adhesives to choose from. Other water-based adhesives, oil-based adhesives, removable adhesives and rubber adhesives are also available. Please tell us details about the working environment (indoor, outdoor, normal temperature, high temperature, low temperature, etc) and object to be glued (paper, plastic, wood, metal, etc.), and we will recommend some applicable double sided tapes.

Available Size for Natural Rubber Magnet
1. Thickness: 0.2-8mm
2. Width: Up to 1.52m
3. Length: Several meters or customized

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