PVC Fridge Magnet

The PVC fridge magnet is considered to be one of the most effective promotional products, and people like receiving refrigerator magnets since they are useful. When people open their fridges, perhaps 30 times a day, they will see your brand name inevitably, and that means a lot for brand retention!

1. Our rubber fridge magnet has a beautiful appearance, and it offers a 3D effect.

2. All the raw materials are compliant to environmental requirement, and they are odorless, non-toxic, water and stain resistant. Hence, this PVC fridge magnet will look the same as a new one after simple cleaning.

3. The advertising fridge magnet would have a debossed or embossed pattern, and some surface areas can be highlighted for better advertizing result.

4. Our soft PVC fridge magnet usually measures 3.0-6.0mm in thickness.

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