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Flexible Whiteboard Sheet

Are you tired of traditional whiteboards? Thinking about throwing them away but worrying about the money and environment? The flexible whiteboard sheet will help you out from this dilemma!

Our product is divided into flexible ferrous sheet and flexible magnetic sheet, and it just takes you about 1 minute to stick these dry wipe whiteboard sheets on your old whiteboard, while the high gloss white, blue, black and red surfaces will provide an elegant and brand new feeling!

Remarkable Performance
The flexible whiteboard sheet has a glossy surface that allows both smooth writing and easy cleaning, and it is made from high quality PET. The total number of writing and erasing could reach up to 20,000 times, and you can dry-wipe words and images easily even after 1 month!

Convenient Installation
1. For whiteboards with ferrous surface, our magnetic whiteboard sheet could be attached directly.
2. For whiteboards with magnetic surface, our ferrous whiteboard sheet could be attached directly.
3. For whiteboards with other surfaces, please glue our adhesive backed rubber magnet to the whiteboard surface first, and then stick our ferrous sheet to the rubber magnet. Or, you can use removable whiteboard sheet directly. In addition, the rubber magnet is a permanent magnetic material that allows long-term use.

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