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    1. Sintered NdFeB Magnet

      This rare earth magnet is provided in a broad range of grades (including N54) with maximum operating temperature of 230°C. The maximum diameter of a round NdFeB magnet is 220mm, while the maximum length of a rectangular ...

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    1. Flexible NdFeB MagnetThis flexible magnet has an operation temperature range of -40~+120°C, and it is available in different shapes, such as strip, coil, ring, sheet, etc. It has passed the reliability testing, so it will deliver satisfying performance as expected.
    1. Manual Permanent Magnetic Chuck

      Since a permanent magnet is used, no electricity is required. As a result, all risks associated with power failure and wiring breakage are eliminated.

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    1. Auto Permanent Magnetic ChuckThis automatic lifting device is able to lift plate-shaped ferromagnetic materials or workpieces, and the steel plates may be as thin as 4mm, as long as 30m, or as heavy as 50t.
    1. Lifting MagnetThe 350 type is applicable for medium-thick steel plants, ship building factories and machine manufacturing factories to hoist one or several steel plates. However, the 400 type is able to lift many steel plates at one time ...
  • Holding MagnetThanks to the iron housing, this magnetic fixture is robust enough to avoid the risk of breakage, so it could work for a very long time. In addition, its surface undergoes electroplating or painting treatment to provide a beautiful look.
    1. Rubber MagnetOur product exhibits permanent magnetic property and excellent flexibility. As a result, shearing, stamping, longitudinal cutting and other treatments could be applied without deteriorating its magnetic performance.
    1. Art Paper Fridge Magnet

      The four color printing process is conducted by Heidelberg printing machines so as to offer clear and vivid images, whilst the adhesive is odorless and environmentally friendly.

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    1. PVC Fridge MagnetThe advertising fridge magnet would have a debossed or embossed pattern, and some surface areas can be highlighted for better advertizing result.
    1. Epoxy Fridge MagnetThe epoxy fridge magnet is primarily used as a promotional gift to advertize companies or tourist attractions, and it can be fitted in toys as well. It is composed of four-color printed PVC and rubber magnet ...
    1. Tinplate Fridge MagnetThe tinplate fridge magnet mainly consists of art paper (4-color printed), tinplate and rubber magnet, and it is a commonly seen promotional gift. At present, we have 10 sets of tinplate mould, and we could make logos and other special ...
    1. Acrylic Fridge MagnetThis colorful fridge magnet is assembled by acrylic, printing paper and rubber magnet, and these materials are all in accordance with the requirement of environmental protection. In addition, the acrylic we use is fresh material ...
    1. Ultrathin(0.2mm) Advertising MagnetThis outdoor advertising magnet can be attached to vehicles, elevators, fridges and outdoor advertising boards, and it allows reuse which is quite different from traditional posters.
    1. Glass Fridge MagnetThis personalized fridge magnet is mainly utilized as a promotional gift, and it is given out by many companies and tourist attractions. In addition, it can be assembled to toys.
    1. Flexible Whiteboard Sheet

      The flexible whiteboard sheet has a glossy surface that allows both smooth writing and easy cleaning, and it is made from high quality PET. The total number of writing and erasing could reach up to 20,000 times, and you can dry-wipe ...

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