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About Us

Taixiong Magnetic Industrial is a reputable permanent magnet and magnetic device manufacturer in China, and we are primarily dedicated to the research and production of NdFeB magnet, iron separator, holding magnet, magnetic chuck, magnetic name badge, rubber magnet and rubber magnetic products. Based on our rich experience and expertise, we have self-developed a broad range of magnetic equipment by assembling magnets in different ways, making us capable of offering cost-effective products and solutions for over 200 clients around the world. Moreover, our NdFeB magnet and fridge magnet can be customized to fit for different applications.

Every year, we produce over 200 tons of NdFeB magnets which are mainly exported to Japan as well as other countries in Europe and South America. These rare earth magnets are highly praised, and we haven’t received any customer complaint up to now!

Our magnetic separator provides a perfect solution for the extraction of ferrous metal scraps from various materials and household/industrial waste, while other magnetic equipment, such as magnetic chuck and holding magnet, are also supplied to facilitate industrial production. Some Japanese experts will take part in the design process in order to propose a reasonable solution according to the actual working condition and customer’s needs. In addition, all the raw materials and production steps are eco-friendly and RoHS compliant as confirmed by SGS.

Over the years, we have paid a lot of attention to technical innovation and technology talent, and we strive to supply high quality magnetic products at low prices since we are customer and market oriented. Our scientific research involves different fields, and a series of innovative achievement has been developed.

Taixiong strictly follows our enterprise philosophy of “Dedication, Innovation and Contribution” to become a leading NdFeB magnet and magnetic equipment provider, and we hope you to join us and create a bright future!