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Service Items for Rubber Magnetic Product

1. Rubber Magnet
If pure rubber magnets (without any printed images) are required, please tell us preferred product size and magnetic property. Then, we will offer free samples for your test, but the sample price shall be lower than 20 dollars. After testing, you can make orders officially, and the batch produced rubber magnets are the same as the sample.

2. Promotional Gift
On condition that you haven’t designed a satisfying pattern, our professional design team is willing to design promotional gifts depending on your needs, and we will supply samples (made of different materials) for your reference.

When you have decided which model to buy, our company will make samples accordingly, and this usually takes 5-7 workdays. If orders are made after sample confirmation, we will give back the sample charge, and our promotional gifts are in accordance with the sample.

3. Retail Product
The retail product is usually pretty expensive, and it fits for teaching as well as child development game. If you provide the entire product design and requirement, we would make corresponding samples for you. But if you have just thought about this and systematic design is not proposed, our design team will offer similar cases for your reference, and then makes relevant samples within 10-12 working days.

If you would like to make orders after inspecting our samples, we will return the sample charge, and the product quality conforms to that of the sample.

4. Production and Delivery
For initial orders, we will provide a production schedule to let you know production details clearly, and you can even check the production process and produced goods in our factory.

Before delivery, you can detect both product quality and packaging method, and we won’t start delivery until you are satisfied.

5. Product Quality Assurance
If received rubber magnetic products have a higher reject ratio than we have promised, or there are other quality problems, and these issues are caused by us, we will take responsibility without prevarication. More specifically, we will solve these problems in time, and make up for corresponding economic loss.