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Service Items for NdFeB Magnet

Pre-sales Service
If you have utilized NdFeB magnet before, please offer desired technical parameters and we will provide a sample for your test. Once you are satisfied, you can make official orders, and the product quality is in accordance with that of the sample.

For a bespoke NdFeB magnet, please offer required product dimension, magnetic property and working environment (including working temperature). Based on these data, we can determine what the preferred magnetic performance is, and we will carry out simulation test according to the offered working environment. In this way, our NdFeB magnet could deliver satisfying performance for a long time.

During-sales Service
There are a lot of procedures when manufacturing NdFeB magnets, and almost all the production steps, except electroplating, are implemented in our company. So, if you are worried about the production process, you can visit our factory to check how sampling inspections are implemented.

After-sales Service
After receiving our NdFeB magnets, if you find that any of them is broken or damaged, please contact us and we will give a reply within 24 hours. If these problems are caused by us, we will take corresponding responsibility and compensate your economic loss.