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Service Items for Magnetic Equipment

Pre-sales Service
Under the condition that you have used magnetic equipment before, you just need to offer relevant parameters to us. Otherwise, our professional service team will work out a plan for your reference according to practical working condition, and some basic factors shall be taken into account when selecting iron separators.

1. First of all, the following parameters must be considered, including conveyor belt type (belt width, belt speed, inclined angle), material property (humidity, granularity, thickness), ferrous metal property (iron content, size), working condition (temperature, humidity, dust condition, corrosive environment or not), iron removal requirement, installation place, etc.

2. If the iron content is pretty high, a self-dumping electromagnetic iron separator is recommended.

3. If the iron content is pretty low, a permanent magnetic separator just works.

4. If the iron content is extremely low, a GJT metal detector should work together with a powerful self-dumping electromagnetic/permanent magnetic iron separator to realize auto monitoring and auto iron removal, and this de-ironing system features low energy consumption, superior iron removal result and long service life.

5. When using a suspended electromagnetic/permanent magnetic iron separator to filter materials with large thickness, a non-magnetic carrier roller could be adopted to enhance iron removal rate, and you can also lower the suspension height properly to get better result.

6. Under harsh working conditions, for example, there is too much dust or fume, a completely sealed iron separator is preferred.

7. Sometimes, there are non-magnetic metal objects in the process material, and these impurities can’t be removed by a magnetic separator. Given this, a GJT metal detector shall be applied, and it will stop material flow before giving alarming messages. Then, these metal objects shall be picked out manually.

8. When chutes, pipelines, chain conveyors or elevating conveyors are employed to deliver materials instead of conveyor belts, a permanent magnetic pipeline magnet shall be utilized.

9. For places where good iron removal result is highly demanded, but desired suspension height is higher than the rated value, or material thickness is bigger than the rated value, a large de-ironing separator or multistage iron removal method shall be adopted.

The abovementioned selection guide is based on the technical performance and actual running status of different iron separators, and please call us at +86-21-57599048 if you encounter any difficulties in model selection.

Note: The technical parameters, overall dimensions and colors of our samples are for reference only, and we could fabricate special magnetic separators if corresponding technical parameters are provided.

During-sales Service
After desired iron separator is selected, we will offer relevant drawings within 3 workdays for your confirmation. Then, we will arrange batch production immediately, and an optimized lead time will be offered at the same time.

When the production process is finished, you can pay an on-site visit to our factory so as to carry out product inspection and pilot run, and we will schedule product delivery later if you are satisfied. Additionally, our technicians will visit your factory to offer assistance in installation and operation upon request.

After-sales Service
If there is any problem with our product within 1 year, we will replace corresponding parts for free. The magnetic equipment is non-standard because customization is usually different, so if any improvement is required during use, we will offer technical support and other services without any charge. In addition, all the magnetic systems of our magnetic equipment come with a warranty period of 6 years.

Ordering Instruction
Please specify the following items when making an order.
1. Product name, model, specification, quantity and other special requirements
2. Delivery time, consignee, location and shipping method
3. Detailed mailing address, phone number, fax number and other information necessary for the invoice
4. Working condition (conveyor belt or chute, belt speed and angle, material granularity and thickness, ambient humidity and temperature, etc.)

Service Commitment
All our products will be repaired free of charge if there is anything wrong within 1 year, and we will send you a new one if significant quality problem occurs. For permanent magnets and permanent magnetic products, they have a warranty period of 6 years, and we will repair them through the entire service life.